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Redefining The Field Of Truth Verification No matter it is a murder, fraud case, or Sexual Related, A crime is always a crime and every suspect deserves justice. We at There’s No Secrets are aiming to create a crime-free society helping people find the culprits. Recognizing the need for change, we bring support to those who need assistance to prove honesty or guilt.

We have a team of professionals working to deliver the best support on lie detector test in Florida helping people with Criminal Case resolutions like Fraud, Sex offense, and unknown suspects crimes. We have a great grip and expertise on the use of CVSA test i.e. computer voice stress analyzer when it comes to the identification of the offender. The best part is we have worked on so many different cases of theft, abduction, and murder with 100 percent satisfaction and conclusive results. We are a NITV certified Examiner organization which deliver significant assistance related to investigation like CVSA test or lie detector test in Florida. Either it is some criminal offense or need for justice on harassment, we can prove to be your helping hand proving the suspect’s offense. Call today for a quick consultation!

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Time Saving device

The voice analyzer can save police time that would be spent following bad leads and investigating 

misinformation, said Chief Tony Dick.“A lot of investigations are time sensitive. The sooner you can get on the hot trail, the better off you are,” he said. Detective Dave McCue recalled one recent case the system help him solve. “I was able to get a confession. Eventually, the person admitted to armed robbery, so it was a serious case,” he said. In another case, a sexual assault suspect wanted to take the test and his name was cleared, thanks, in part, to the voice analyzer test, McCue said. 

The voice analyzer also helps weed out false claims of prescription drug theft, often made by drug abusers as a way to get more drugs from their doctors, who require a police report of the theft, Vorpahl said. 

“There’s a big drug problem in this community and we don’t want them to use us to supply their drug habit,” McCue said. 

While the test results aren’t admissible in court and can’t be used as a basis to charge someone with obstruction for lying, they help point police in the right direction, Vorpahl said. 

How the voice analysis works 

“When you lie, there are things in your voice that change, that you have no control over. You and I can’t hear it, but the computer can,” McCue said. Under relaxed conditions, the human voice vibrates at a specific rate. The muscles tighten up under stress and the vibration changes or stops. The voice analyzer detects this change, indicating the presence of stress and deception, said Vorpahl, referring to his CVSA certified

CVSA Gets Results

Posted on June 26, 2015June 27, 2015 by NACVSA_ADMIN

MANITOWOC — When police question suspects and victims, they need to differentiate the truth from a lie. They can do just that with the help of the recently acquired computerized voice stress analyzer, among the latest in lie-detector equipment. “That’s what a lie does not look like — it’s what we call a Christmas tree effect,” said Detective Dave Vorpahl, pointing to a computer screen in one of the Manitowoc Police Department’s interview rooms. On the screen is a graph that is pointy at the top and wider at the base. A lie, on the other hand, is more spread out and has a blocky look, Vorpahl said, pointing to another graph.

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